The Deliciousness That is Dyron’s

One Friday night in March I had the fortunate opportunity to share a meal with family and friends that elevated the expectation of my palate to an entirely differently level. I invited myself to a dinner previously planned by my cousin and sister. Dyron’s Lowcountry ( was the name of the restaurant of choice. My first question after barging in on their plans was what’s the attire. I’m a southern girl who’s as serious about her fashion etiquette as she is her football and her food. I didn’t care too much about being overdressed, but wanted to find out with certainty what kind of dining experience to expect so I’d not run the risk of ever being underdressed. Let’s just say I could have worn a formal gown, six inch heels, and a tiara and the food still would have stolen the show.

Hunni, when I tell you the perk of going to dinner with five other women is being able to eat off of each other’s plates and the icing on top of the proverbial “perk” cake is the fact that every, single morsel that went in my mouth was delicious! Delicious I tell you!!!

Against the better judgment of my shell fish allergies I ordered an appetizer of the gumbo that was overflowing with plump oysters, meaty shrimp and other seafood nibblets. It did not disappoint or poof me up like Hitch! Because roundtable feasting is the way my crew rolls, I also feasted on the fried oysters (which you must try with a bite of bacon), crab claws both ways, and hot buttered biscuits and cornbread that would have made Jean Elizabeth and Alberta (my dearly departed, for real, soul-food cooking grandmothers) break out in a mean, albeit ladylike jive. My main entrée was the most succulent piece of pheasant (don’t knock it till you’ve tried it) my mouth had ever had the pleasure of ingesting and digesting. It was adorned with peas, fava beans and other little goodies making my mouth water as I type. Others dined on steak as tender as the crown of a newborns head, expertly fried fried chicken with a sultry (yes, I said sultry) mashed potato gravy and braised collards that oozed off of the plate, and fish so mouthwatering a couple of the girls who ordered it looked to be hesitant to share (just kidding!). My friends tried assorted beverages of which I’ve never partaken, but by number of “ohhhs, ahhhs and girl you need to try this” those drinks must have been as good as the names they carried on the simple, yet sophisticated menu.

As if the meal could have escalated to any higher level, our waiter Jonathan, whom I’m now officially on first name basis with, suggested we try desserts. It was a pay-day Friday and an adventurous one at that so we all uttered those famous southern words, “yes, please”. Baby, what he served up was nothing short of a sugar-ladened dream come true. The chocolate cake, the crème brule and the white chocolate bread pudding were so dog gone delicious I feel inadequate to use words to express how they made me feel. So I won’t even try.

So, with that written snippet of my meal being shared with you I will relinquish the typing and let the pictures do the talking. Oh, wait, one more thing. The food, atmosphere and overall experience at Dyron’s Lowcountry was so good I went back two days later for brunch. Please know that that blog post is coming and when I say waffles and grits…. Oh my…waffles and grits! In the meantime, you should try Dyron’s Lowcountry.

Dyron's Seafodd gumboDyron's Pheasant

Dyron's Iron Skillet Fried Chicken

Dyron's Fried Oysters and BaconDyron's Flounder

Dyron's Dark Chocolate CakeDyrons-Bread Pudding



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