Dip Baby, Dip. Come on…Dip!

Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen is known for many things…fresh seafood, long lines to be seated, memorable drinks, a great Sunday brunch (at least at the one found in Atlanta, Ga), a fun atmosphere, and festive Mardi Gras inspired décor popping with vibrant purples, greens, yellows and other feel good colors. It’s also known for the best of New Orleans cuisine from wherever you are that the restaurant just so happens to be.

I won’t go on and on about its entrees or desserts just yet. Believe me I could. Instead, I’d like to pay homage to the appetizers. Two of my favorite appetizers there include the Shrimp and Crawfish Fondeaux and their Salmon. Creamy, unique, palate-pleasing, rich, decadent, share-worthy, warm, and delicious are all words which come to mind when I think of them both. My most recent rendezvous with these satisfying, savory treats came while celebrating my 43rd birthday with friends back in March. There were ten of us who, operating the best of our southern girl manners, politely passed the plates amongst giggles and sips of strong and not-so strong drinks hoping that each dish would make it back around one more time for one more helping. They didn’t. They were so nice we had to order twice. It was that good. Let me be real, as this blog always hopes to be. These dishes are not for the faint of heart or light as a feather foodies. Don’t eat it if you don’t plan to eat it! (Know what I  mean?) I don’t know how many calories they’re packing, and to be honest, I don’t want to know.  If you’re not watching your weight or not watching it on the day you just so happen to be at Pappadeaux  Seafood Kitchen then this foodie says go for what you know and don’t stop till the very last crumb of your crusty garlic bread has sopped up, yes, sopped up the very last gooey bit of whatever cheese-induced droppings remain.

Pappadeux's diip

Pappadeux's Salmon appetizer

Looks good doesn’t it? I know you want some. So in the words of the infamous 69 Boyz, “Now dip, baby, dip, come on, let’s dip, baby, dip, baby.” Enjoy!



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