My Mama’s Memories of Her Mama


Growing up at 701 Emerson Street in Montgomery, Alabama during the late 40s through the 60s was absolutely awesome for my mother, Angenetta Walker Scott. In her own words, there was always plenty of love, food, church going, and discipline. That explains a lot of why I am the way I am today. @AngelaEatstheHam.com232323232fp432;2_nu=323;_2_3_538_WSNRCG=3399_984__326nu0mrj

My Mama’s Daddy and Mama (Willis and Jean Walker) used the small resources that God blessed and entrusted them with to give their family (and others they cared for) a happy, solid home life. “Those were the days”, Mama often says with excitement. Many times, when talking about her childhood, she’ll say she can still smell the aroma of her Mama’s cooking. Many will tell you that Jean Elizabeth Johnson Walker had a way with food almost as awe-inspiring as her gentle way with people. There’s no cooking like Mama’s cooking.


In honor of Mother’s Day here are a few of my Mama’s favorite meals from her Mama. On any given night or day these offerings of culinary perfection and economic frugality graced her dinner table and blessed whomever was fortunate enough to receive.

RIP Grandma Jean…  

Jean’s (and Angenetta‘s) Favorite Meals.  

I. Succulent fried chicken

Sensational collard greens

Sweet fried corn

Spicy green fried tomatoes

Southern style cornbread

Sweet iced tea

Simply delicious lemon icebox meringue pie


II. Tender, juicy rump roast

Baby lima beans

Macaroni and cheese (from scratch, no box needed)



Sweet iced tea

Chocolate Pound Cake with Chocolate Icing


III. Beef Stroganoff

Toss salad with homemade thousand island dressing

Buttered dinner rolls

Grape Kool Aide


IV. Pig’s Feet or Pig’s Ears

Homemade mashed potatoes

Homemade cole slaw

“Light” Bread (White bread)

Mustard and hot sauce

Drink of choice. (Usually Check brand from Winn Dixie)


V. Chitterlings (Wilson’s)

Collard greens


Homemade cole slaw


Pecan Pie


VI. Fried fish (Mullets, Spanish Mackerel or if the money was right–RED SNAPPER)


“Light” bread (White bread)

Grape Kool Aide


VII. Fried oysters

Oyster stew with oyster crackers

Homemade fench fries


VIII. Brains and eggs (if you have to ask you shouldn’t)


Ms. Sally Shepard’s homemade rolls (her neighbor)



IX. Homemade petite biscuits

Fried white meat or pan sausage

Alaga Syrup



Milk Toast 




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