It’s Time for a Night on the Town

Just typing the title of this blog post made me smile. A night on the town is the theme for today’s #bloglikecrazy post. It’s also my “swift kick in the jeggings” inspiration to realize the purpose of the post. The town at night is where I need to be and soon. It truly is the time of year for nights on the town, potluck parties, warm house gatherings, holiday soirées and other festive occasions which tend to bring out the best (and funniest) in folks.

A large part of the most amazing nights on the town is, you guessed it, food! So, to recap my holiday/everyday frolicking in years past and highlight some great dining destinations I’d like to revisit this season I invite you to take a mini-food journey with me to the Foods of Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Years Past. …(think Charles Dickens minus the spooky ghost).

So, what plans do you have this holiday season so sample the best of what your culinary world has to offer? Let me know!



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