Talking About Hickory Tavern 

I *heart* college football. That’s no secret, especially as it relates to my University of Alabama Crimson Tide. #RollTide

This year’s game watching fun included a few great house parties, but also introduced me to a local hangout in Birmingham’s Brookwood Village named Hickory Tavern.

The festive space, stocked with huge high def TV’s, a plentiful menu of delicious (not-so-healthy) American cuisine, beer and a stocked bar for drinkers and an atmosphere fit for my grown up friends and me made it a great spot to yell until my throat hurt.

Every bite was yumny! From super, sloppy and GOOD chili slaw dogs, to smothered chicken, to spinach dip with chunks of artichoke, shrimp and grits, sweet potato fries drizzled in honey sauce quesadillas and more there was something for everyone as we cheered on our team. Take a look at what we consumed…and please, don’t judge. I hope to visit soon as my Tide takes the road to Sweet 16…that’s National Championships if you didn’t know.




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