Joe’s Knows Donuts

Donut Joe's

I have a confession. I’ve been having an affair on a nearly 40-year-long relationship with a certain doughnut restaurant with the initials KK. Recently I moved. En route to my house EVERY SINGLE DAY I have to pass this quaint little donut shop in Pelham, Alabama called Donut Joe’s.

Listen to me when I tell you that these yeasty treats are worth any amount of guilt I feel when I pass right past the flashing red light of my former lover not flinching, salivating or even sighing. They are that good!

Donut Joe's 2

There’s a sophisticated simplicity about the fried and baked goods with a scent which hits you smack dab in the face when you open the front door to fresh-faced, smiling young adults who often greet you from behind the counter. The assortment of pastries far exceeds many offerings I’ve seen with my favorites being their Glazed Croissants, Maple Bacon Donut, Apple Fritters, the ever-elusive Strawberry Donut, and of course the staples like glazed, chocolate and old-fashioned crullers. There hasn’t been a thing from behind their glass counter that I’ve sampled and haven’t completely savored! The family friendly environment is an added bonus as you can swing right up in their circular drive to hop out and quickly grab a sweet treat, or you can opt to make it official by leisurely lounging by the tracks with the outdoor seating providing a nice reprieve from the busyness of life.

It truly is a must-see destination as those in my family don’t or often won’t come by if I don’t have a box waiting at the door. I have two “not to be named” loved ones who even walk sometimes from my home (which is a bit of a trek) to get the donuts fresh and early some Saturday mornings. I even have co-workers in my downtown Birmingham office who ask me to bring them a couple of “those GOOD donuts” soon. One, who tried to slide me a $20 bill, may be next on my list to receive a box of their goodies.

Donut Joe’s is the bees knees when it comes to donuts. Don’t believe me? Just ride out to their locations in Pelham or Gardendale and you’ll see for yourself that Joe’s knows donuts. Find them on Facebook for all the deets on their sweets…

Now excuse me as I get back to this Peach Fritter! #yumyum #nomnom #givemeJoes





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