Ooey, Gooey Hospital Goodness

This last week has been spent devoting time to the man who’s devoted the last 44 years to me…my Daddy. While in the hospital for surgery, we did what any hunger-driven, food-appreciating, time on our hands family would do. We partook in the feasts of the St. Vincent’s cafeteria.

There were so many tasty (cost-adding) nuggets we enjoyed like the grilled salmon with slaw, shepherd’s pie which would have made my Grandma Jean smile (God rest her soul), cheese grits and crispy bacon or Italian sausage which have been a daily breakfast staple, warm bran muffins, perfectly prepared burgers, and fresh blueberries from a beautiful fruit bar. But the cream of the crop so far has been the cinnamon rolls.

Y’all, this sweet treat stole the show. It was the icing to a cake which needed some sugar as we waited and prayed and waited and prayed. I have no words to describe these perfect pieces of pastry other than ooey, gooey, hospital goodness. I wish you could experience it for yourself, sans the trip to the hospital, of course. Speaking of, I think I’ll head on over to get me one now. toodles!




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