It’s All Greek to Me

Since I can remember my parents have had one favorite restaurant. That’s The Fish Market, particularly the one on the Southside of Birmingham, just blocks from The University of Alabama at Birmingham. This place is so special to them that for years, until we all relocated to Alabaster, Alabama, about 40 minutes away from the heart of Birmingham, they would have a standing date night at the popular  restaurant each Friday. Their relationship with this restaurant had gotten so serious they would receive Christmas gives in December when they visited. They were/are some fanatical fish fans.

A seasoned seafood eater myself, I would often chose the same meal each time I dined there. It was their famous Fried Platter of shrimp, oysters (double oysters to be exact) and fish. I didn’t opt for the scallops, hence the extra oysters. I would round out this feast with seafood gumbo and a baked potato. As you’ll come to know, I’m somewhat of a creature of habit, especially when what’s served is large enough to be satisfying, and hefty enough for me to have leftovers for lunch the next day (which is a must-have for meals I pay for).

Anywho, back in 2013 I was introduced to a pasta dish at The Fish Market on Highway 280. I’ll be honest and say I didn’t order the dish myself, but sampled off of a friend who bragged that this was the best pasta dish he’d ever had. You can guess what I ordered..the same ole’, same ole’. The pasta dish was remarkable, with a name as memorable as the mounds of pasta supporting all of the featured savory goodness. It’s name is ATHENIAN GREEK PASTA!  (Am I the only one who feels hoity-toity just be saying its name?)

Athenian Greek Chicken Pasta from the Fish Market


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