It’s Time to Eat

Welcome to my new page Angela Eats the Ham! I’m so excited to share this newest blog site with you as I invite you in to my wonderful world of food.

Since I can remember I’ve taken a strikingly strong liking to the best that food has to offer. I’m by no means an over eater (most times) and typically prefer particular cuisines, but there’s something about the memories provided with a backdrop of a good meal which simply can’t be beat.

So many times I hear, “You know all the best restaurants”, “You’re always going somewhere fun” or “Invite me the next time you go out to eat”. I’m not an athlete, an artist (in my JJ Evans from Good Times voice) or some scientific holder to the secret cure to something scary. I just like food, writing, laughing and making memories around a high end table or a hole in the wall. I’m by no means bragging on my pallet or pocketbook. Frugal is the key to all I do and hopefully that will be a resounding source of encouragement for all who desire to feast. I am simply aiming to pass along what has been passed on to me from my Mama and her Mama and her Mama’s Mama, and that’s an appreciation for the richness of life often unfolded at the table with good family and friends.

I invite you to join me on this wild and wonderful journey. I’ll post pictures. Give my honest feedback. Make recommendations. Pass along recipes. Spread news on those”I can’t believe I can eat all of that for just that” deals and share little nuggets from the around-the-table chit chat as Angela Eats the Ham (As in Birmingham, AL…my hometown.)

On March 16th I turned 43. I decided it was time again to do something new, hence this blog. In my inaugural post I’d like you to take a look at the deliciousness that was my birthday cake from Edgar’s Bakery. Stacked high with four layers of tender, moist yellow cake, the literal icing on this gorgeous hombre cake was the sweet, buttercream icing which permeated from the box the moment the lid was lifted. To say this is pastry perfection is an understatement and the perfect reminder that this year, and the memories shared in this blog are bound to get sweeter and sweeter!

Hombre Birthday Cake from Edgar's

Now buckle up. Pull up your Google Maps. Put on your expandable pants and join me on this food journey. It’s time to eat!



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