Did Somebody Say Surin???

Surin West, has been a Birmingham staple for as long as I’ve been old enough to be able to go there on a lunch break. It’s been my girl friend’s and my go-to spot for quick evening get-togethers. It’s been a circle around the block waiting for a parking space because it’s that good hot spot. It’s been a “I need something light and fresh in the middle of my day” kinda joint. It’s been a refreshing hangout in the evening hours for cocktails (Shirley Temple’s for me) and conversation.

Nestled snuggly on Birmingham’s eclectic southside, Surin West is a buzzing, personably festive atmosphere for the lunch and dinner crowds to chat and chew, window watch, devour sushi and catch up on old times or new opportunities and enjoy delicious internationally themed Thai foods. I’ve sampled several of their dishes like their fried-to-perfection, succulent catfish, tender and tasty duck, warm coconut soup, crab angels and the list goes on.


Hands down, however, my favorite is their Thai Barbecue. It’s a piece of freshly prepared roasted chicken (breast, leg, thigh and wing) (yep, you read correctly), served with a mound of shrimp fried rice and the sweetest concoction of sauce that demands requesting more than one serving from its tiny lunchroom size bowl. It is simply delightful. Let me be honest and say that this dish is not for the pretty eater (like I try to be most times.) There’s no way to cutely get to the morsels of goodness clinging to the white and dark meat pieces without a little of that finger-licking sauce deserving to be licked from your fingers…in the best possible professional way, of course. Imagine Fourth of July in your mouth, minus the sweaty uncle on the grill for hours making barbecue magic, but with a Thai twist! Yes, it’s explosive! And to top it off the lunch serving is under $10…and comes with coconut soup, and water on the side:)


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