That’s a WHOLE Lotta Chicken

Whole Foods is known for a lot of things. All kinds of food, organic foods, gluten free foods, a great atmosphere, upscale shopping, crazy good pizza, a hot bar with great lunch and dinner options, fresh baked desserts, assorted fresh seafood, and pastries and amazing fruit and cheese samples (of which I partake a plenty). For me, Whole Foods in Birmingham, Alabama is also known for the little “restaurant” in the middle of the prepared food section where a chef with a big smile and fierce culinary skills cooks up all kinds of delights right before your eyes.

I’ve sampled a few items on their menu. Trust me. They do not disappoint. My favorite by far is their fried chicken sandwich and sweet potato fries. As I type this blog post I realize it’s been far too long since I’ve treated myself to this treat. The first thing that drew me in to this fowl delight is the fact that it is brined in tea, as in sweet tea, because that’s just what we do in the south. Secondly, it’s HUGE, enough to share with another hefty-appetite having person and still feel full. The chicken is hot, juicy, crispy, drizzled with a secret sauce and placed between a bun as soft as a ball of cotton. The sweet potato fries are fried to hot oil perfection, crispy, tender on the inside, sweet, savory and seasoned just perfectly. To sum it up, this meal is one that delights in every way possible…and it’s reasonably priced.

Don’t believe me? Take a peek then grab a bite for yourself.

Whole Foods Fried Chicken Sandwich and Fries



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