Punch Party in a Bowl

Nothing quenches a summer thirst like a cool, refreshing, liquid party in a bowl. It’s been 100 degrees here in the south which means any opportunity for something cold and sugary dancing on my tongue and moonwalking down my throat is a welcomed delight. Because I’m from the south, I fully buy into the notion that the sweeter, the better. So yes, these beverages are not for the sugar shy. Because I’m from the south, I also fully buy into the notion that anytime is the right time to break out a big, ol’ fancy glass bowl borrowed from a dear relative or from ones starter marriage wedding registry and host a shindig.

Below are two family friendly punch recipes that are sure to get a party started right. Make them. Chill them. Pass out the red cups and enjoy! (And if you don’t want them “family friendly” by all means, do what you have to do.)


Fruity Fruit Punch

12 ounces frozen orange juice concentrate

1 small can (6 ounces) frozen lemonade concentrate

1 Cup pineapple juice

1/2 gallon dry ginger ale (32 ounces)


Mix fruit juices.

Cover and chill thoroughly in refrigerator.

Add cold ginger ale just before serving.

Serve fruit punch over crushed ice and add to punch with remaining ginger ale.




7-Up Holiday Bowl

20 oz. frozen raspberries, partially thawed

12 oz. lemonade-frozen concentrate, thawed

46 oz. pineapple juice, chilled

64 oz. 7-UP, chilled


Place raspberries and lemonade in blender, processing until smooth.

Place in punch bowl.

Stir in juice and 7-Up.

Makes 6-oz. Servings



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