I Ate a Cowboy……………..Cookie

Urban Standard is one of my favorite restaurants in Downtown Birmingham. I’ve written about it before and posted on various forms of social media about their breakfast, cool-kid atmosphere, close proximity to one of my jobs, cupcakes and more.

Today, I come to you with an ode to a cookie, a Cowboy Cookie that is.

Look at it, people.

Urban Standard’s Cowboy Cookie with: chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, STRONG coffee, oats, potato chips, nuts, spices and more.

┬áThis cookie was as complex and delicious as the many ingredients which make it one of the most unique cookies I’ve ever shared. (Note: It was huge! I had to share.) It was an interlude with my tongue which kept me guessing which flavor I would savor as I moved the many moving parts to this pastry around in my mouth. There was just so much going on with this one cookie and I was there for Every.Single.Bit.And.Bite.Of.It.



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