A Few Days in the A

Whew! Life has been busy. My money has been otherwise allocated. My health has been challenged and my desire to be a Foodie for Life has taken a backseat to said life. With that said, I had the privilege to take a quick trip to Atlanta, Georgia for a few days prior to undergoing surgery on September 27th. It was just what the doctor (in my mind) ordered. With not much time to blog since then I ran across these pictures of food I enjoyed and thought I’d share.

What I’ll also share about these meals from The Pub Perimeter, Bistro 55 and Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint is that they were worth every single drop and EVERY SINGLE calorie. They were all uber-affordable. They are worth a trip back to Georgia and the pictures don’t do them justice at all. Take a look see, why don’t you?






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