I’d Rather Break Bread Than Break Up

Before you read too much into this, I am nowhere near breaking up my happy one month marriage…LOL! Speaking of marriage, I realized it’s been two months since I posted about food, as I busied myself preparing for and settling in to the most wonderful 2nd chance at “I Do”. That’s got to be love to distract me from food!!! Hopefully more Angela Eats the Ham posts will start flooding your timelines and emails now that I’m virtually a veteran at one month in.

Anywho, the world has been nuttier than my Mama’s pecan pie lately. Whew! We need a break, but not the kind that continues to break us up as people, communities, and countries. We need the kind which brings us together. Since the start of time food has been an instant unifier. Plans are made, deals are brokered, relationships are restored, peace is offered, and memories are made during times of something as simple as breaking bread. With the advent of the “we need a miracle” which is also known as the world in which we live, I’ve often wondered what new, or not so new things we can simply do to help bring people together. FOOD was my first answer! How absolutely cool would it be to see groups start popping up which specifically include people from all walks of life coming together over food to talk about ways to make life better? It’s time we come together.

Who do you know that’s “different” than you (although we really aren’t that different) who you’d like to ask for a chat and chew over lunch? What sporting event, family function or community effort can you host with the main goal of coming together as a focus using food as a backdrop? What restorative bridge can you build with your favorite crockpot recipe or popping open your best bubbly? What support can you render by opening your home, business, or place of worship, whipping up a dip and a dessert or two, and letting like and unlike minds meet at the table for the greater good of all? Think about it. If anything has the power to heal, bring together and revive a people (and I mean all people) it’s food. Food is not a race, a culture, an economic group, a religion or political affiliation. Food is food. We all need it. I think we need it now more than ever. Cheers!


So, what will you do? Let me know. In fact, invite me. I’ll even bring a dish. I’d love to chop it up and break bread with you knowing that together we’re better, and with food bringing us together we’re our best.





One thought on “I’d Rather Break Bread Than Break Up

  1. Morning. How r u? You are amazing with words. I’m glad you leas off with that first sentence😂. I love this concept!!!! Let me know if you have some takers. Lvu

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