A November to Remember

Firmly into day two of December I can now look back at November with glimmers of gratefulness and a whole lot of joy. I spent the entire month recovering from surgery. That surgery, and the little infection that came with it initially took away my appetite and had me down for the count in the food department. In fact, as I still recover now I realize I’ve not sat in a restaurant since October. Yikes!

Anywho, not to be a total food bust November ended with a bang thanks to Thanksgiving and my family’s Iron Bowl party. We ATE! (That’s about the best way to sum it up.) As if it was just what the doctor ordered, just like that, all that I’d endured the past few weeks made sense as a perfect introduction to an even more perfect month’s end.

Take a gander at a few samples of my holiday goodness. While the food is certainly a focal point, it’s the love of family and friends which makes it even better. I hope you’re able to share recipes, menus and memories now and always which give you as much joy as mine have.


Hen and Fried Chicken (2).jpg





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