Date Night, A Gift Certificate and Highlands Bar and Grill

Have you ever wondered what happens when you find a gift card nearly a year old, book a reservation four weeks out, decide to take the day off, clear your hubby’s schedule, dress up a tad, and see what the food fuss is about? I’ll tell you what happens. What happens is the total elevation of ones palate, plate expectations and plans to return again. Yes, that’s what happened on a recent date night at Birmingham’s renown Highlands Bar and Grill.

I won’t command too much time telling you how excellently attentive the staff was, or about how we got a peek at Chef Frank Stitt when he came to greet guests to whom he must have been familiar. I won’t tell you how the ambience and menu were so inviting it simultaneously captured upscale and welcoming almost effortlessly. I won’t bore you with my thoughts on…Let me just stop typing and start showing you what you’re really here for…the FOOD!

Take a look and try not to drool. Visit Highlands Bar and Grill as soon as your budget and belly allows. You will not be disappointed.

Highlands bread
The opening of assorted breads was everything this southern gal wanted, except for a few more pieces of that melt-in-your-mouth cornbread.


Highlands Chicken Livers
There are your granny’s chicken livers. Then there are Highlands Bar and Grill’s Fried Chicken Livers with crawfish and asparagus ragout. The picture is perfect and still does not do this dish justice. The word scrumptious is not adequate to describe this dish.


Pan Seared Speckled Trout
Don’t tell my husband, but his Pan Seared Speckled Trout with local greens, roasted potatoes and sauce meuniere was everything I could have hoped for…if I actually ordered that dish. The taste of the fish was a light, perfectly seasoned and fresh as I’ve had.


Lamb Navarin
I had not a clue what Lamb Navarin, but was out on a limb and decided to stay there when I ordered it. Succulent, fork-slicing tender, beautiful to the eye, aromatic, flavorful, and delicious all describe this hearty stew-like offering.


Frank's Favorite Cake
Frank’s Favorite Cake should now be called Angela’s Favorite Cake. Look at it. It’s gorgeous, right? Now imagine it tasting 10 times better than it looks. Vanilla genoise, zabaglione, swiss meringue and orange anglaise truly elevated this end to the night to another level. One I hope to return to again…and soon. Yum! Yum! Yum!

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